Special operating conditions

General Conditions

D Express obligates that will for account of sender (the principal), with which it may or may not have a signed contract on the provision of express services in domestic service, organized an express courier delivery of goods and items according to the principle "door to door", which includes: reception, transport, handling, shipping, possibly storage, delivery and return of undelivered parcels, as well as the reception, delivery and payment of repurchase items. D Express performs all postal services that are defined by law.

An item is understood properly packaged and addressed entirety on which must be marked, clearly and prominently, the term or the name and surname of the sender, full address or address of the addressee or mark on the basis of which indisputably can identify the recipient, predefined and agreed weight with the sender of item .

All customers of  D Express - are familiar with the Special conditions of business that are available to the public (on the website of the company), as well as the enclosure of the Contract of offering express services in the internal traffic. Signature of the sender (addressee) when submitting (reception) item is understanding and acceptance of the Special Conditions. Occasionally of receiving any type of item D Express issued confirmation of reception by printing from PDAs, or via the computer as an account or certificate of item, on whose back are not printed special business conditions.

D Express conducts business using the latest technologies exclusively based on e- business, which allow each user services prior notice  of Special operating conditions of the postal operator.


Non-reserved Postal services

D Express performes non- reserved postal and courier services as well as value added services.

Non-reserved services are the domain of universal postal services that go beyond the limits laid down by the price of reserved services, as well as all other services (letter post,  pack, special) including value added services:

  • Express services,
  • Courier services,
  • Call Center,
  • Tracking items.

D Express, first of all, its business based on the value added services of commercial service, which is reflected in the special requirements of the sender or contractor services (electronic tracking of shipments, way and place of taking over, delivery time, transfer speed), as well as many of additional services. Electronic tracking means that the client must become acquainted with the Special Terms and Conditions, because they are printed next to the options for tracking.


Special services

Items that the sender entrusts D Express, the express and have their bar code (number). Ekspresne pošiljke mogu biti:
Express items can be:

  • Ordinary items,
  • Valued items
  • COD items
  • Items  with paid reply,
  •  Items with personal delivery,
  • Items with return receipt,
  • Items with  request of return receipt

Ordinary items areitems that have their bar code and on which records are kept in the system for monitoringitems, for which a receipt voucher as confirmation on the delivery item without obligation of personal handing. Ordinary item is any item for which the value was not disclosed and that no additional services or special requirements of the sender.

Ordinary item  is always delivers closed without the possibility of opening for the sake of checking of the contents of shipment, except in the case of visual impairment or crushing  the packaging.

Value items are items that have their bar code and on which records are kept in the system for tracking the items, which are insured up to the value specified by the sender, and that certificate is issued on receipt and confirmation of the delivery of the shipment. Valuable deliveries are always supplied closed, with no possibility of opening  the sake of checking of the contents, except in the case of visual impairment or contusions packaging.

COD items are items that have their bar code and on which records are kept in the system for monitoring the shipments, which are insured up to the amount specified redemption value by the sender of the consignment and which are delivered to the recipient by collecting previously the amount in favor of the sender and the shipment (where the redemption amount payable on account of the sender of the consignment) and issued a certificate of posting and are authenticated on the delivery of the consignment.


Itrm with paid response is a letter item that contains a special service of  paid an answer. Service (price) for  paid response pay the sender of shipment.

Paid response letter post (envelope) that is labeled "Paid answer"


Paid service response that defined the service users (sender or addrressee). At the request of the sender of the item  in a special envelope with the symbols "Paid answer" to take from the addressee of the shipment, while respecting confidentiality and security of content that is defined under the law.  For the content of the subject of shipment responsibility  belongs to the sender and addressee of the shipment, except in the case of visual damage of the packaging.

The itemof personal delivery is  the item which has its own bar code and on which records are kept in the system for tracking, which requires the delivery of shipment personally to the recipient, and it is issued a certificate of posting as well as confirmation of the delivery of the shipment. On delivery of the item is required to identify the addressee on the basis of documents which have picture (identity card, passport, driving license, work identification card, etc.). This consignment carries all the marks "Personal" as proof of delivery shall be forwarded returnee entitled "Return receipt- Personally". The shipment of personal delivery is always supplied closed, with no possibility of opening for the sake of checking of the contents, except in the case of visual impairment or contusions packaging.

Item with return receipt is  the item which requires to be returned as proof of delivery of the shipment to the addressee. On delivery is taken signature and notarization of the recipient, and the recipient is issued "certificate of delivery" which contains all the information about the shipment (the same as the personal delivery).

Items with a request to return the signed delivery of the  items that have a bar code and on which records are kept in the system for monitoring the shipments, for which the recipient requests for after the delivery of a specific shipment returns signed and stamped delivery (documents) accompanying the shipment (the goods) . Each delivery is also a list of the contents, which is located in packs. The above mentioned item has the same status as registered mail with return receipt. On delivery, the recipient of the said shipments is required to sign and certify the dispatch which is returned to the sender. Consignor request the return of signed delivery notes for which the advance is included in the cost price of the service delivery of the shipment.

A shipment with a request to restore the dispatch is always supplied closed, without the possibility of opening the sake of checking of the contents, except in the case of visual impairment or contusions packaging.
Price list of services

For all services D Express determines its price list (tariff rate). This price list is featured prominently in all business buildings DExpress -a as well as on the website of the company that is available to all users of electronic services.

For contracted partners D Express can determine prices independently of the price list that represents official pricelist for the majority of users in accordance with the law and regulations.

Delivery service can be paid by the sender and the recipient pursuant to the agreement or contractual relationship. The price of services is always included special services if the sender requests them.

All special services are additionally included (added) to the base of the price per weight scales.

The Company reserves the right to calculate the fuel surcharge due to frequent increase in fuel prices.

Surcharge is ​​shown on the invoice issued by the operator. It is also applied in the calculation and volume calculation defined in the price list of the operator.

If it is indicated that the delivery service paid by the recipient, for which it had rejected the reception,

D Express reserves the right to aforementioned service charges of sender after returning the same.

If for the service due from the customer is not realized in the time period specified on the invoice, D Express reserves the right to revoke the non-cash payments, as well as special commercial conditions, regulated by the Agreement on the Provision of express services in domestic traffic and applies the basic price list or to obtain lien the shipment or items of the sender that is taking over to transport to the settlement of all obligations.
Network coverage

D Express performance of its services practices via the main center-Belgrade, which is also the headquarters and registered branches (offices), which make a network which covers the whole territory of Serbia.

Branch network through which serves the entire territory of Serbia are located in the following cities:

D Express regional centers
Novi Sad Subotica Vrbas Zrenjanin Šabac Valjevo
Loznica Užice Čačak Kraljevo Novi Pazar Kruševac
Velika Plana Kragujevac Jagodina Bor Niš Leskovac


All branches are registered in the APR have got own offices and warehouse, call center as well as a sufficient rolling stock for the purposes of covering the entire territory of Serbia in the entrance, processing and delivery of consignments in any place in Serbia opsluižuje D Express.

Through its network of D Express uses the area of delivery that are formed on the basis of codes of places in Serbia, which guarantees the accuracy of the direction of shipments as well as presence in any place which is coded in the Institute for Statistics of Serbia.


Working time

Opening hours of the call center D Express from 08 do17h, receiving items from customers through the call center is open from 08h to 15h throughout Serbia every working day. In addition to the call center, reception invitations download deliveries can be done via ‘’user applications’’,which is installed on each client, via CSV file if the sender has in his system already generated bar codes of their items. Time of taking over of items is defined with each client who is the contracted customer of our company.

On the Saturday isn’t done reception of shipments, but only delivery for customers who require Saturday delivery. Working time of call center on Saturdays  at 09h  to 13h .

In all office buildings of D Express - is highlighted working hours and the company name. Opening hours, primarily defines the time for the receipt of item, and the working hours for mail delivery may be longer than the scheduled working hours.


Addressing and packaging postal items

For each shipment must be legibly marked with the name and the recipient's last name, full address and mark of zone or region of Serbia, as well as rejon of the  recipient on the basis of which it can be verily determine the recipient.

The sender is required to properly pack the shipment in the prescribed packaging that can ensure the cargo and specificity of the item. Sender is obliged to fill in all the details of the item (name, address, specify the weight and designated special services for the itementers the information in the  item note with defined requirement on delivery). The contents of the item is defined through the delivery notes accompanying the consignment (goods) and which is located in the package, for whose accuracy is responsible sender.

D Express reserves the right of the subsequent checking weight and volume of item.

The sender is responsible for choosing the type of service according to the nature, content, real value and importance of shipment for him, and for a variety of special services. Packing and closing of the item must correspond to the type, shape, weight and value of items in the shipment. For damage caused by the contents or inadequate packaging shipment, sender is responsible.


Forbidden items

D Express will not accept to transfer: money, jewelry, noble metals, precious stones, animals, narcotic drugs and psychosomatic substances, radioactive, flammable and other dangerous substances, weapons and munitions, and all items which transport is prohibited by law. The consequences of sending items and goods that are excluded from the transfer defray sender or addressee.





Disposition of items

The sender has the right to dispose  with sent shipment to delivery of itemto the recipient if he pays service of delivery. If the sender is required that recipient pays the shipping service, the right of dispose of the shipment and any possible damage to the same, transfer  on the recipient of the addressee. The recipient is entitled to refuse receipt of the shipment.

Undelivered itemis returned to the sender (if not otherwise specified) in the following cases:

  • If  addressee  refuses reception
  • If  addressee is unknown at the specified address
  • If  addresse address is incomplete
  • If  addresse died
  • If there is no money to pay COD or delivery services
  • If the addressee is not at home - leaves the report of the arrival of the item
  • D Express guarantees in accordance with the law, the confidentiality of  data and the inviolability of the contents of shipments from receipt to delivery, including the delivery without the possibility of opening for the sake of checking the contents of the addressee of the item.


D Express all the data on received and delivered items kept in electronic form.



Reclamations and demand of items


Demand of compensation of damages and other types of reclamations the customer can be achieved by submitting a request in writing within 15 days of receipt of the item.


D Express will compensate damage under the following conditions:


  • For loss or complete damaged item - ten times the amount of services charged for the transfer of item,
  • The loss or total damage value item- the amount indicated on the item plus services charged by value and ten times the amount charged for services for the transfer of  item,
  • For repurchase item  D Express corresponds to the sender of the redemption amount of item
  • Damage or reduced content of the items - the amount determined or estimated damage to contents and package designated by the insurance company, but not higher than the amount that would be paid in case of loss or complete damage,
  • D Express is obligated  to, within 30 days of the day of the filing reclamation to pay the expense of the sender intended the Postal Services Act. A claim for damages may be submitted by sender, recipient or a person authorized by the publication of a Certificate of Posting.
  • For delayed delivery D Express is binded to the item for which the overdue delivery should be sent to the recipient free of charge services.

Insurance of items

D Express is all items, which takes over from the sender, insured with the Wiener Städtische Osiguranje a.d.o. Belgrade based on their values ​​and their manipulation of items and insurance in transport, which provides additional security for all users of the company D Express.

All shipment which take over at the delivery are transported in special euro cargo boxes, a specialist for the transportation of packages, shipments, etc.

All valuable items, or items in which the featured value are insured up to the value which the sender is indicated.


Liability for damages

Responsibility of D Express is strictly limited to direct physical loss or damage to the items. D Express does not accept responsibility that requires compensation for loss of profits, income, interest, future business, whether such loss or damage is special or indirect, and even if the carrier has warned of the risk of such loss or damage prior to or after receipt of the item, as the sender can insure against the risks.

D Express is responsible for the loss and damage of the shipment of its acceptance until its delivery and frees the liability for damages if it proves that the damage occurred without his fault or due to causes that couldn’t have been predicted or avoided or eliminated due to the nature of the contents or packaging, or by the fault of the sender or unpredictable causes of force majeure that could not be prevented, avoided or eliminated.


Handing and deadlines for delivery of postal items

All items D Express delivered to the specified address of the recipient, any member of the household or person employed at the specified address, with obligatory signature of the recipient (unless stated personal consignment) and entering the name and surname of the recipient.

For all delivered items for which D Express is billing service in cash issued a cash account with all the features of the company.

For special contracted clients D Express can be issued in electronic form, a number of other certificates supplied (delivered) items (list of all items delivered with the signatures of recipients, time of delivery of shipment, the type and method of delivery, etc.).

Under the terms of delivery of postal items means the time  from receipt of the item to the delivery of the shipment to recipient.


By delivering the means delivery to the recipient's address, as well as delivery on the premises of the registered branch operators.

All taking over items D Express is committed to the delivery performed twice:

  • If due to inability to deliver in the  period of 24 hours from the moment does not make delivery to the addressee,
  • If the  addressee is individual.

For all itemsthat are not submitted within the period of 24 hours from the moment of assumption, the recipient is left to a report entitled "failed delivery" with the  reason not deliverable.

On the basis of that report, the recipient of item  may be informed about the shipment.

The item can be delivered (convey) and the registered branch operators, if the sender or recipient so require.

D Express delivers items  the next working day, and not later than 24 hours from the time of taking over of item.


Services by official duty and services by special request

Services by special request postal services D Express performs at the request of the sender and to:

  • Item redirection to the new address,
  • The item be returned prior to shipping,
  • Issued subsequent confirmation of receipt value and the purchase items for all items
  • Change the  address of items
  • Store in the business premises of D Express to the required deadline,
  • Return to sender of undeliverable items,
  • Repackage the contents of damaged item.


Added value services

Added value services are services that have specific requirements in terms of quality and ways of transfer of postal items.

Under the additional services of D Express primarily provides:

  • Call Center,
  • Express services,
  • Courier services,
  • Tracking Track & Trace - P & P or T & T.

Call Center is a call center through which contracting services (sender or addressee) able to:

  • The operator communicated all the necessary accurate information about the sender (taking place) and recipient of the item with details on the item,
  • If the contracted regular partners is enough to inform  only their identification number that will speed up communication with the operator (ID number given at the conclusion of the contract)
  • Get all the necessary information about the status of items and information on how to use the service,
  • Require the installation of "user applications" on its location that allows them to connect directly to the system operator without prior communication through a telephone connection,
  • Other informations.

Express services are services involving the receipt and delivery of all categories of registered items in the shortest possible time. Under the express services include services:

  • Day for Day (delivery during working days)
  • Today for Tomorrow (delivery the next day from the moment of taking over).

All express services are defined in a service contract for each user individually. The agreement defines further provisions delivery of all categories of items.

Courier services as postal value added services that involve the receipt, transport and delivery of all registered items directly from the sender to the recipient without processing in a way that they are employed or more of them performs reception, transport and delivery.

Employees of the operator in this case must be available at all times to the sender or recipient of the item. By courier services mean service:

  • Courier day,
  • Personal courier.

Courier day services of added value, which means "renting" the courier legal entities that have a need for service delivery in the area covered by the operator.

Rental of couriers can be a minimum of 10 working days and a maximum defined by the contract of the use of postal services.

Personal Courier's value-added services, which means "transfer" couriers or more certain legal entites  with whom the D Express conclude a contract on the provision of postal services.

Personal Courier includes "rent" a messenger at the request of a principal for the needs of a particular company. Personal Courier is always present at work in the contracting partner for him at his order provides delivery services in the city. Personal Courier can rent at a minimum period of 30 days.

Tracking (Track & Trace) is aservice of electronic monitoring of shipments by D Express offers all customers through special access to a database that allows them full access to all the status of their items. All users are able to inetrnet through operator portals track the movement of their items. Contractual partners and permanent service-users have much more information about their items are more than follow the course of the transfer of certain shipments.


Final regulations

D Express and the client to whom services are provided they agree to develop among them a correct business cooperation, therefore all misunderstanding and disagreements regarding their respective rights and obligations shall try to resolve agreeably. If the problem can not be resolved through agreement dispute takes competent court in Belgrade.


DExpress Ltd

Belgrade, March 2014