Contents of the package delivered by D Express


D Express accepts for shipment all parcels of following content: documents, written notifications, goods, as well as all other items that are not subject to legal prohibitions. The maximum shipment weight is 30kg, and the parcel length must not surpass 1 metre.

It is forbidden to transport shipments that contain:

  • gold, precious stones, jewels, money, coins, all kinds of securities, valuable antiques, and works of art.
  • dangerous objects that can damage other packages, equipment and personnel dealing with packages (toxic substances, flammable and similar substances, explosives, ammunition, armour, etc.)
  • fragile and breakable items.
  • live animals, highly perishable products, temperature sensitive substances, narcotics.
  • food products, pressure vessels, and lighters.

Package and packaging

For a parcel to reach its final destination quickly and safely, it, first of all, needs to be packed in a suitable manner. This applies to both regular goods and certain items that require careful handling. With our long experience, we can advise you how to properly prepare your parcels for transport.

Hard envelopes can be used for packaging, but only when the content of your shipment is not fragile or sensitive. Soft envelopes are not recommended for sending shipments by a courier service.

Wrapping paper, cellophane, gift paper, ribbons and cloth bags are unsuitable as outer packaging material, as they can be damaged or stuck in our sorting machines.

Outer packaging (box) needs to be made of hard and resistant material in order to prevent a possible damage of the contents. It is recommended to use a box made of corrugated cardboard with high-quality coatings. Before use, check the packaging specifications and make sure that the packaging is not damaged. The packaging needs to be hard and thick enough to fit the size and weight of the goods shipped.

The shipment packaging needs to have one flat surface of a suitable size for the attachment of an address form. If that is not possible, a larger box needs to be used. All previous addresses, stickers, and other unsuitable inscriptions need to be removed from the packaging.

Fragile objects need to be put in the middle of the box, so that they do not touch any of its sides. They need to be encased on all sides and separated by cardboard or other suitable material (such as a bubble wrap, strong air bags). It is not recommended for the packaging to be much larger than the content of the shipment, in order to avoid the movement of the shipment content. All gaps should be filled with additional cushioning material.

Powder and small grains need to be packed in well-protected plastic bags. They should be placed into an impermeable box and all gaps should be filled with additional cushioning material.

When sending sharp objects (such as scissors, knives, etc.) sharp edges and tips need to be properly protected. Use a strong cardboard box. Protective material should be fixed so that it cannot move during the transport.

Small items inside the parcel need to be properly packed into small boxes or bags.

If you send more than one parcel, it is not recommended to tape the parcels together.

Bear in mind that shipments that are not adequately packaged represent a threat to other shipments.